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Understanding the threat

Protecting your pooch is job #1. Learn about the causes of heartworm disease and how HEARTGARD Plus can help protect your dog.

Get to the heart of the problem

When it comes to heartworm disease, prevention is the most effective treatment for you and your dog.

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Easily contracted. Potentially deadly.

70 days after a single bite from an infective mosquito, adult heartworms can reach your dog’s lungs. And then the real trouble starts: Serious and potentially fatal, heartworm disease can cause lasting damage to the blood vessels of the heart and lungs. If your dog has heartworms, you might notice signs, including coughing, difficulty breathing, sluggishness, reduced ability to exercise, and even loss of consciousness. Or you might not notice anything, as not all dogs exhibit symptoms—which is why prevention is recommended over expensive treatment that can be a prolonged, painful, and not always successful ordeal for your dog.

Inside or out, year-round, all dogs are at risk for heartworm disease no matter where you live in the US4
Infection risk
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2018 USA Canine Heartworm
Positive Cases
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Intestinal Parasites 101
Hookworms & Roundworms

Just like heartworms, hookworms and roundworms are dangerous—and potentially invisible—threats to your pooch. Both can live in a dog’s intestines and cause a range of clinical signs. Roundworms are particularly troublesome, with an estimated 90+% of puppies under 3 months old infected.³


Unlike with heartworms, your dog can pass both hook- and roundworms to you. In fact, the CDC estimates that over 10,000 Americans get roundworms every year.⁴ Both can be contracted from either contact with contaminated soil or accidental ingestion.

Keeping your home mosquito-free
Install screens in doors & windows
Eliminate any standing water
Use bug spray when outside
Keep your home cool & dry
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Now that you’ve tested your heartworm knowledge, explore money saving offers and ask your vet for HEARTGARD Plus.

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How HEARTGARD® Plus (ivermectin/pyrantel) keeps your pooch protected
Ivermectin affects any heartworm larvae your dog may have acquired in the previous 30 days.5
Pyrantel kills roundworms and hookworms as it passes through the intestinal tract.6
Essentially completely excreted, and out of the system in about 3 days.7
Keeps your dog safe year-round when HEARTGARD Plus tasty real-beef chews are given every 30 days.8
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