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Prevent Heartworm Disease

#1 dog-preferred, HEARTGARD® Plus (ivermectin/pyrantel) prevents heartworm disease as well as treats and controls hookworms and roundworms.*†1 Plus, it’s the only real- beef chew, making consistent, monthly dosing easy and enjoyable.2

A grassy lawn | HEARTGARD® Heartworm Protection
A grassy lawn | HEARTGARD® Heartworm Protection

An image of a vet | HEARTGARD® Heartworm Protection

Vet- Recommended

With more than 30 years of proven protection, the heartworm disease preventive in HEARTGARD Plus chews has been trusted over 2 billion times.3

A dog | HEARTGARD® Heartworm Protection

#1 Dog-Preferred Chew*1

HEARTGARD Plus chews are the only real-beef chew, making monthly dosing easy and enjoyable.2

Heartworms | HEARTGARD® Heartworm Protection

Proven Protection

HEARTGARD Plus chews don’t just prevent heartworm disease for dogs 6 weeks of age or older, they also treat and control hookworms and roundworms.

Package of Heartgard Plus | HEARTGARD® Heartworm Protection

How to Purchase HEARTGARD Plus Chews

1. Talk to Your Vet

You’ll need a negative heartworm test from your vet.

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2. Buy HEARTGARD Plus Chews

Purchase in-clinic, through your vet’s online pharmacy, or from an authorized online pharmacy.

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3. Protect Your Dog

We provide savings on your pet’s protection when you purchase through your veterinarian.

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Two Paragraphs
A dog is running on a lawn | HEARTGARD® Heartworm Protection

Year-Round Protection Is Essential

Many pet owners might assume that they only need to give their dog heartworm disease preventives during warmer months (mosquito weather). While heartworm transmission can decrease in winter months, the risk of infection is always there.4 Consistent, year-round dosing avoids gaps in protection that would leave him vulnerable to heartworm disease. That’s why it is so important to give your dog HEARTGARD Plus chews each and every month for year-round protection.

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