woman playing with dog on grass
woman playing with dog on grass

Choosing Easy-to-Give Protection Is Easy

Dogs love the taste of HEARTGARD® Plus (pyrantel/ivermectin), which makes it easy to give.It’s also the #1 choice of vets,2 which makes it an easy decision for you. See how to buy the delicious, real-beef chew that can make preventing heartworm disease simple for you and your dog.

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1.Talk to Your Vet


Get a prescription from your vet, which may require a negative heartworm test


Purchase in-clinic, through your vet's online pharmacy, or from a retail pharmacy

3.Protect Your Dog


Protect your dog against heartworm disease every month

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vet with dog

Buy From Your Vet In-Clinic or Online

Ask your vet about HEARTGARD Plus and how you can get vet-exclusive offers when you buy from them in-clinic or through their online pharmacy. If your vet has an online pharmacy, you can purchase HEARTGARD Plus and view any online savings or rebates with the Buy Now button on the Find Your Vet page.

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woman giving heartgard to dog

Buy From a Retail Pharmacy

If you prefer, you can order HEARTGARD Plus from a retail pharmacy with a valid prescription from your vet.

Fleas and ticks are threats to your dog, too. Pair up HEARTGARD Plus with powerful flea and tick protection.