Your new best friend can’t hide from heartworm disease

But prevention is easy with HEARTGARD® Plus (ivermectin/pyrantel)

Dogs can’t hide from mosquitoes. And a mosquito bite can lead to potentially deadly heartworm disease. Just one beef chew every 30 days can keep your dog protected from heartwom disease year-round. It kills the larvae from infected mosquitoes, so your furry friend stays happy, healthy, and protected.

Important Safety Information:

HEARTGARD Plus is well tolerated. All dogs should be tested for heartworm infection prior to use. Following the use of HEARTGARD Plus, digestive and neurological side effects have rarely been reported. For more information, contact your veterinarian or click here for full prescribing information.

Heartworm 101

  • A red outline of a mosquito

    Mosquitoes Bite

    Which means one can eventually get your dog. And if the one that does is infected, it can transmit heartworm larvae to your dog’s bloodstream.

  • A red outline of lungs

    Into the Lungs

    After three months, heartworm larvae eventually make it out of your dog’s bloodstream and into the lungs, where they set up residence and start to grow.

  • A red outline of a worm

    We’ve Got Worms

    If not treated, the larvae will develop into adult worms that can cause heartworm disease, not to mention serious lung, liver, and kidney damage.

It’s hard to hide from something you can’t see

So when it comes to protecting your dog from heartworm disease, you need to be vigilant.

HEARTGARD Plus makes it easy to keep your dog safe: One chewable every 30 days year-round helps prevent heartworm disease and the serious heart, lung, liver, and kidney damage it can cause.

Plus, HEARTGARD Plus treats and controls three species of hookworms and two species of roundworms.

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Who knew protection tasted so good?

It's simple; dogs like tasty things. So we made HEARTGARD Plus chewables with real beef. And dogs like love them, whether they’re puppies as young as 6 weeks or well-seasoned seniors.

Save on HEARTGARD Plus

Make heartworm disease prevention your new routine

Treating heartworm disease can be risky, expensive, and require hospitalization, so we highly recommend taking a few simple steps to keep your dog protected:

  1. 1 Get a prescription from your vet for HEARTGARD Plus chewables.
  2. 2 Give your dog one of the chewables every 30 days, year-round.
  3. 3 Have your dog tested annually by your vet for heartworm disease.
Heartgard Chewables Get Monthly Reminders

Vets HEARTGARD Plus. You’ll the savings.

When your #1 priority is the health of your new furry friend, look no further than the #1 choice of vets for heartworm disease prevention: HEARTGARD Plus.1 Just one tasty HEARTGARD Plus chewable every 30 days along with annual testing can help keep your dog protected year-round. HEARTGARD Plus is available by prescription from your vet and is only for dogs.

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